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life + Empowerment 

coaching for individuals

with disabilities 

+ their families

As a woman with cerebral palsy + mother of a child with ASD, I understand on a personal level the impact that a disability can have on all areas on your life.

As a certified life coach, I have the professional skills + tools to help you transform your energy, discover your passion and create the life you seek within the reality of your circumstances.

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"Regardless of your personal circumstances,

you are capable of reaching your

potential and creating a life you love."


Liz Venendaal 

"Regardless of your personal circumstances,

you are capable of reaching your

potential and creating a life you love."


Liz Venendaal 

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Liz Venendaal; truly an amazing woman and Coach. She is highly skilled as an excellent listener and has the uncanny ability to empower. I called her "my angel". I call her a Life Coach.
K.L. - South Carolina

There are individuals in life that from the first moment you engage with them, you know they’re “good people.” That they travel a straight path, genuinely care about other people, and they make decisions in their own lives that reflect a spirit of empathy, of goodness, and of encouragement. Liz Venendaal is one of these people for me. Having worked with as a coaching client, I can affirm that Liz is compassionate, intuitive, reliable, and committed to life and growth. Her clients’ and her own. I highly recommend engaging her services!
K.B. - Tennessee

I am delighted and excited to recommend Liz Venendaal enthusiastically. She is a talented and experienced coach who supports you in gaining your skills to move forward exponentially – so fast and impressively. Liz is very thoughtful, caring and compassionate, and she knows how to help people make significant progress. You will be jump-started, and you will catapult moving ahead! You will love working with Liz, and you will be happy with the growth and development you will experience. I am thankful for the amazing progress I made as a result of my positive decision to work with her. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with her, you should immediately – you will be glad you did!
E.E. - New York

Before working with Liz it was in the middle of the pandemic; I was unemployed for almost a year, my social life was in ruins. I was having trouble figuring out what to do to fill each day, and formed some bad habits. 9 months ago, my sister in law asked if i wanted to try a life coach over zoom, and slowly but surely we started making a plan, and in no time, we checked boxes off and with a little luck, got me in a very good place in life. Liz is very easy to get along with, and she definitely puts in the work if you show her you are willing to work. She goes above and beyond the 45 minute sessions to help achieve the goals we set.
G.Z. - Pennsylvania

Liz is remarkably patient, gracious and kind.
K.K. - California

“I recently had the opportunity to be a member of Liz Venendaal‘s group session. Liz is an experienced and thought provoking coach, and I enjoyed our time together. Liz chose fun coaching exercises that were beneficial and shared useful tools I will be happy to use. Thank you, Liz. I grew from your feedback and excellent leadership.”
E.C. - B.C. Canada

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